Oh my love

My Sayge

you opened my mind 

to find something new 

within my heart 

to find a spark of joy

when I looked into your eyes

love swelled up in my breast

when you said I was kind

Your eyes like the winter trees

your lips like the sage you name

God, I swear I’ll love you till the rivers run dry

as I love you like the skies ever dark in our mountain home

I promise to love you 

like the goddess you are in my eyes

the sun and moon shall envy my love for you

till the end of time and eternity

I will always love you

So may I ask for you to love me

till we meet again in the grave

and even after as I love you

promise to stay by my side

to be my love of life as you are

let me be your sappho 

and to never hide our love

oh, will you be mine forever?

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