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How wonderful you cannot choose The place and part you least will bruise For all the phases: yellow, green Some unsightly, some unseen You would miss out, you would not get The new from different sustance skin
In the road walked a woman with a bleeding soul her heart was dragged into a ditch  her mind was stuck in a dark pit  walking the long and lonesome roads her eyes stared into the naked woods 
It’s difficult, to say the least,that with dying embers follows,a shift to a sobering cease,leaving thy blushing touches hollowed.
it's the start of a  new season, crisper   air and revival   
Gonna leave this city behind And make a new life.  Hooded with mystery 
With a gentle cry you die You feel yourself become clammy You gasp for breath But it fails to come You feel him gently kiss you Nights gentle pillow covers his cries You suddenly feel revived
I learned long ago how to be strong; to hide my fragile heart.No one knew all the while, I was broken from the start.
A song so moving I felt revived   the rhythm made my senses alive   A voice and instruments in a symphony    the connection to the lyrics gave out my sympathy 
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