Beast's Anthem


United States
38° 41' 7.1556" N, 121° 33' 14.8536" W
United States
38° 41' 7.1556" N, 121° 33' 14.8536" W

I learned long ago how to be strong; to hide my fragile heart.
No one knew all the while, I was broken from the start.
I fooled them to think I was indestructible.
So when I finally snapped-
Everyone attacked--
                        Don’t speak-
 Don’t make a new mistake!
               You can’t cry now-
You’re not allowed to break!

...I drowned that day in choking fear.
But now they’ll hear
who I am,
though I tried
                       to ignore this wreck inside.
Time to throw
all my pride,
                      to unleash this beast I hide!

I know just what they’re going to say.
They’ll try to beat me down.
But I can’t keep holding myself at bay.

I’m through with letting my fears toss me in raging strife.
This time I’ll drive them out and take back control of my life!
This time I’ll forge a weapon to turn around the pain I went through!


I will no longer be their fool--

I. Will. Rule.


I will stand by my choice
So I can reach for the sky.
I will fight for my voice
So I can say goodbye
to those doubts I know they’ll say!
They won’t beat me down;
I won’t keep holding myself at bay.


My heart is beating faster than I dreamed to dare.
           Even my spirit feels like it’s out flying through the air.
                   And all my thoughts are pouring- rushing from my head!

I’m never holding back! That part of me is DEAD!

I will stand by my choice,
And rise with the cresting wave.
I will fight for my voice;
For the freedom I crave.
Watch me shine like the light of day!
They can’t beat me down!
I’m no longer holding myself at bay!


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