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   Saint  Edward By A.R.T   Leicester burns a man tonight He whom was a revolutionary A follower of martin luther
His intoxicating music controlled the gopis with such force. They danced and Radharani was feeling great rejoice. Until Krishna left with no choice.  
When it’s my time of dying, how will I leave this world? In peace, chaos, or even in disguise— Because I know that you love me and have put faith in me, But now I’m unsure, that when I come, will you know me?  
Why? Why do you cry, on the steps of this church? What ever it may be please tell me— But why do I bother you won’t listen You’re speechless, so speechless, until the end. Give me your hand, it will be all right
It’s what my mind’s set on now What I wished but never came true And now a silent prayer to all For the rain to cease, and for the sun to shine.   I’ll pack and unpack this bag yet again
I can’t live with out faith I can’t live with out faith to believe believe that I will not die on this Island I hold faith I hold faith in my heart I hold faith in my dreams I hold faith above my head
When God Speaks you better listen. I’m hardheaded as shit. In one ear out the other type. I don’t wanna hear nothing no one or anyone has to say because I think I know everything.
There’s something in my eye, It just makes me want to cry, Something’s in this country, Make me wish I was blind.   Death wants to rule us, Despair wants end us, Evil wants to distract us,
This poem is an insight on the compromise of society's morals, and how we are rapidly discouraging the exploration of spirituality while encouraging materialism.   Plastic brains are statistic,
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