Why? Why do you cry, on the steps of this church?

What ever it may be please tell me—

But why do I bother you won’t listen

You’re speechless, so speechless, until the end.

Give me your hand, it will be all right

Don’t be afraid, I’m here, I’m here—

So please listen, listen, and on this swear

That I can not make, for you’re so speechless.

The rain’s a falling, why not come inside, and wipe your eyes

Is thee there to help me now, when you’re losing hope—

So pray, please pray to the Lord, make it right

It doesn’t matter, you try, you’re not speechless here.

You’re speechless there, but maybe not here, listen

Don’t be afraid, to go another step on your way—

Because the Lord, and in his hands

You’ll sing unto the day, don’t be speechless.

Don’t be speechless, my dear

Don’t let fear rule over fear—

You are loved always, by the Lord

You don’t have to be speechless... here.


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