Neglecting my blessings

When God Speaks you better listen. I’m hardheaded as shit. In one ear out the other type. I don’t wanna hear nothing no one or anyone has to say because I think I know everything. So I go thru life questioning everything and everyone, even the almighty. So as stood before God I started the conversation of badly “Why you make me this way? why am i always mad, always hating, I’m a sinner, WHY?! I say the wrong shit (cursing in front of God, can you believe it?) at the wrong times. You make me fall for the worst types of people who only meant to hurt me? Curse the ones who love me? You always putting else someone above me? Why I gotta struggle? Why I can’t bubble? Why my car shit? Why he hot shit? Why my life look like a mosh pit. Why I ain’t make it to the league? Why you mess up my knee? Why I gotta be something I ain’t wanna be?!?!?” I asked about a bunch of things I EXPECTED him to do neglecting the fact he DID NOT HAVE TO. This was all after the fact, didn’t realize my blasphemous ways until he replied back… “He said boy…don’t you ever question me again, I always want you to win you just never noticed. I’ll never put you in a position I know you can succeed in. Every situation you were ever given did you ever get the thinking. The reason for the “worst types” is teach you how to what real love looks like, because when it’s real you don’t have to try at. All of my children are equal I’ll never put one above you, you have the same 24 they do! You struggle to succeed how can you want if you never need! Your car situation is from the graces of me for three reasons: One it was free! Two it gets you from point A to B! Three the reason it broke on you in the drive way is because I didn’t want you do die on the highway! You find beauty and significance in the craziest places, just look at your life you’re the only you I know and as crazy as you are you are beautiful and significant. You didn’t make it to the league because it was never your purpose I used it to plant the seed within you so you would realize your worth and the last thing I need you to know before I leave every man has the same 24 7 days a week I take some sooner than others because they have served their need. I wake you everyday to do something great but instead of seeing love I provide you feel nothing but hate, when all you see is bad you’ll never see the good. So stop..Let it go and let my will be. I am the Alpha and the Omega I’ve given you all you’ll ever need because my son prayed with your prophet, you are a part of me.” That was months ago and here a stand everyday is easy but still I stand. When God speaks you better listen before you question a situation consider the blessings.


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