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Of all the choices I have made having you be a part of my life was most definitely not one of them.   Yet, you proved to be the most useful and most grateful thing in my life.  
Dear my protector, Satheric, Satheric. With feathers so sleek like a silent owl in flight, The comforting hum of your voice, kept me asleep all night. As I knew there was nothing to fright.
Who is this faceless man I wonder The one who plagues my dreams I dont see him but I sense him   I may not see this faceless man  But, I still know he's there He walks beside me
In a careless place And you are a nameless face  Dont forget what's true   Protection is near Hanging high above your head Looking over you    Look up my darling 
Tick, tick, tick, gears are working, spinning round, soothing lullaby keeps me safe and sound. Metallic wings fan out with beauty and reflects light, fighting off the mechanical demons with fright.
It is times like this when men we see, Our fragile broken destinies. When through false strength and proud façade, Appears the pea beneath the pod. It’s times like these as men we know,
I am not the knight you seek, I have no armor, dull or sleek. I don't have the shining hair, the flowing speech, the noble air. I only have this humble heart, Which I would give, at whisper's start.
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