possible triggering

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Darkness It's never a good place to be in You're all alone It's quiet It's cold And your thoughts run free I don't know what's scarier The darkness Or you're thoughts
Girls, girls, girls Looking to run the world, world, world But we can't Because all they see is what's under our pants   How much skin we show
From the outside my childhood looks plain. I did soccer and cheer,  doodled in class, and whispered promises of forever to elemtary school friends.   No one wouldve noticed the pain I carried with me.
I wanted to be skinny to fix all that I saw to bring myself some dignity and try to get through it all. I made myself a plan. I was ready to follow through. But now I'll be stuck all fat and alone
Because I love you, I hold your hand. Because I love you, I laugh with you. Because I love you, I smile through the pain. Because I love you, I ignore your flaws. Because I love you, I hide the bruises.
How can it be love When the girl you say You love Is afraid to speak her mind?   How can it be love When you say you love me
  Streams of watermelon juice dampen my cheeks Sprinklers in the summer made my cheeks drip
Once upon a time, there lived a child with big hope and little dreams. The child wanted to see the world and find that dream.   Once upon a time, there was a teen with big dreams and little hope.
Meek. Shy. Eyes cast downward. Cringe.  Flinch. Hide the bruises. Break.  Fling. Leave a Note. Cry. Die. A small, pink cloak.
Spread your legs, darlin’. This won’t hurt a bit. Shut up. I said shut up! Stop fighting. It’ll be easier if you Just.
"This Just In,   The issues of society have made different varieties Of opinions, thoughts, and actions Causing riots in the factions And laws to be completely changed,  
“The thing about these poems is that you can practically feel the sadness bleeding out of them. Like the way that ink bleeds onto a page. And I kept going back to those wells searching for another form of self-harm,
I am not what happened I am not his mistake I am not he who took me who came in and burned all the bridges that my young self had ever come to know Who would have ever thought?
At night between  
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