Girls, girls, girls

Looking to run the world, world, world

But we can't

Because all they see is what's under our pants


How much skin we show

If we're willing to blow

But they don't care

They'll force our mouths into their stance.


She didn't say no, she didn't say no

Yet everyone truly knows

She tried to say so

Yet they still call her a fucking hoe


They won't stop, they won't stop!

We're too scared to scream

How can we run the world this way

When they start to gang up into a team?


We're laying on the sidewalk

Blood rushing to our brains

We are feeling everything right now

But mostly are ashamed


I wish I could stop them

I wish you would stop them

But all I see

Are the girls telling their stories of when they were forced to their knees


All these girls, girls, girls

More than 570 every day

Every 98 seconds,

Our minds dying in a way


Now again she can walk

But she's not ready to talk

She'll never be the same

Please please don't take our your cock


She'll be thinking of that moment

While in someone's bed by choice

She'll put her clothes back on

And won't allow you to hear her voice


There's more girl, girls, girls

Being taken advantage of

In this gross fucking world, world, world


This poem is about: 
Our world


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