2016 News: This Just In

"This Just In,


The issues of society have made different varieties

Of opinions, thoughts, and actions

Causing riots in the factions

And laws to be completely changed,


But now we go to the campaign

Where IQs remain the same if not lower

And the candidates continue to throw mud on one another.

Have we evolved from corsets and wigs

Only to confuse presidents with pigs?


And do pink lives matter more than the lives of purple matter?

Because the people want to know

As the peaceful protests go from being "non-violent" to violence

Between the Roses, Mauves, and Violets.


Tabloid exacerbation sweeps the nation

Now all our brains have left the station

And coming in now are the theorists of conspiracy

Declaring that the world is not all that it seems to be.


Then in come the bigshots,

Exploiting us for all we got

And who are

Targeting us through the media and rallies

Joining forces with all our idolized lackeys like

The likeminded likenesses of those that lacked respect for those

Unlike themselves.


I don't mean to dwell

In the shadows of the figures on the walls you've built so well.


It's hard to tell,

Whether we're living in freedom and liberty or

If we're being held down on our knees

By these same men who control the masses,

Look into your life through your smartphone glasses,

And cut you down like trees to fit their classifications of

What fits inside their image of a world They want to live in

On the broken backs of our brothers-

-No sisters

-No non-binaries

-No-No-NO-NO I mean living breathing people!


All the while we turn on these people around us

Complain their opinions cause us disgust

And see they don't fit in the guidelines

That the uppers put in our minds

So we eradicate their beings

Without realizing we're being

Controlled by the Man.


And It's plain as

A zuccini up your anus

It's heinous

It's outrageous, unforgivable

So we'll abuse the situation,

Exploit our "rights" as individuals.


Now we go to Ben Casey with the weather."


"Thanks Joan.

Shitstorms on the horizon.

It's gonna be huuuuge."

This poem is about: 
My country


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