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It is too easy to make affliction handsomeWhen it's lined with rhyme Traced by thin fingersThe numb glow of a dawn window.White drapes on skin and glassDark eyes torn with pain madeBeautiful
Blue and beautiful, still but mighty  With strength and with power  One might die To all your plastic bottles  That takes your power away It takes more than just your power
I see these plastic people, Barbie dolls. With their dream houses and expensive cars. And their plastic friends, at their plastic malls. Getting “white-girl wasted” at plastic bars.
I've gone through adequate measures to beat the monster that resides within me This thing lay secreted beneath the surface of my skin Readying to rupture out at any which moment
You see her walking down the halls Her skirts are too short She boobs are too big And she looks like a life size Barbie Doll
“They will always be small.”
she was tangled among branches and intertwined and punctured   she was weak and flimsy blowing along the gutter trapped under a tire   stored within herself
There was a girl named Cady H.
A sphere of life, constantly force fed From the world, into the womb Ignorance has polluted the innocence Gravid host poisons the unborn Toxins consumed, enter the abyss The truths have yet to be revealed
Here's a story about a cup lost and lonely was the cup we found it sitting all alone Then someone said please pick it up And so they did and washed that cup They washed the cup and let it dry
A bottle. There. It sits on its side, pointing its open lid at the brick wall. Who put it there? I pick it up. The smooth, transparent plastic runs beneath my feeling fingers as I clutch it in my palm. Ewwww...
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