'Mean Girls' Ballad


Denton High School
1007 Fulton St.
United States
40° 43' 30.27" N, 73° 25' 56.406" W

There was a girl named Cady H.

Who was from Africa

She was the girl in a new place

In North America


Friends with one of the most mean chicks

She became a Plastic

With Regina George's great cliques

Cady turned sarcastic


Realizing Geroge's intention

Weight-gain bars were given

Revenge ruined her complexion

Cliques' respect had fallen


People good and bad where they looked

Blaming only herself

She was added in the Burn Book

By her very own self


After coming clean to her friends

Quickly outside everyone forged

Confessions were made, but in the end

A bus took Regina George


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