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I saw this man alone in the brisk cold; He wore an eskimo hat to keep warm. A passing girl praised the hat, and behold- The man offered it to her, against norm.
I feel electric walking through a park engulfed with happy princes, children skipping, people playing to their laughter. singing strings of guitars in this park the mirth of drooping spilling coins in their cases.
I'm not like them But I mean well My pockets are empty  My Skin is Black My Morale is low But my GPA is high My hearts full of love
My hood? Let me tell you how it goes down in my hood The cops punish the benign crimes but are not around for the ones they should Much like a leprechaun, dressed and posed as doing all good
"OMG you too Ms. Imani?You see I... I thought I was the only"Thats what this young girl said to meas she glared at meno longer feeling lonely.
Leadership, Endurance, Social Skills, Self expression Outside these books we've learned some lessons We've progressed and prospered, we've grew and gained, we experienced and evolved
The school districts are ran by vultures/ Teaching minorities to forget their history and culture/ In 2005 Philly was the first major city to make African American History a required course/ But they still falling short/
The city of “Brotherly Love” By: Laura Hernandez   As our founder father had dreamt The city of “Brotherly Love”
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