Nothing Is Black and White


United States

My hood? Let me tell you how it goes down in my hood

The cops punish the benign crimes but are not around for the ones they should

Much like a leprechaun, dressed and posed as doing all good

Black wants to run, cop yells freeze, but a nigga wish he could

You go in your pocket like a fool for candy or some food

The cop assumes you are reaching and uses his glock to knock you out of your shoes

They thought “Honest Abe” set them free with his Emancipation,

When really that was just anticipation to enter a world with more rules


A city where elders and the cops seem to prey on the youth

But they were once kids in our place, we all know that is the truth

And for those suburban kids living life sweeter than a tooth,

We work too, we are not lazy, just used to the corners or the hoops

But even those two places are not meant for everybody

As time increased, crime increased, and goodbyes turned into “Watch your body!”


In the homes the moms curse and groan because they are stuck to pay the bills

While the dead beat dads leave them all alone to go and pop some pills,

Some kids go to school and try to make it out with grades

While some just skip and sale some stuff just to get paid

I mean how else is the mom supposed to pay the bills?

The son steps up to do anything to help but he is not ready to kill,

Then one day Lil Rob gets shot, yeah he was in it for the thrill,

The mom is like “I told him about that block” and “He should have become a Navy Seal”


But not everything here has a negative view

The person you never met might have the same dream as you,

The people on the outside assume crime is all we do

So the kids enroll into good schools and play sports just to give the ignorant a clue,


We live for the day and try to outlive the past

Doing whatever we can think of to make a little cash

They label us as ghetto, but I’m not sure that is a proper tag

The others look at my hood and assume that it is all bad, but to live where everything is good is something we wish we all had


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