Miseducation of The Hood


The school districts are ran by vultures/

Teaching minorities to forget their history and culture/

In 2005 Philly was the first major city to make African American History a required course/

But they still falling short/

I feel like Carter G. Woodson writing The Mis-Education of the Negro/

The ruling class tried to pull that reverse racism shit on El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz you know Malcolm/

And how come the COINTELPRO tried to X him out?/

They feared him because he was a strong Black hero no doubt/

We have to fight high schools should have mandatory African American Literature courses so youth could read books such as The Fire Next Time by James Baldwin and Black Boy by Richard Wright/

No wonder the media controlling the Black youth psyches/

I read Black Power by Stokely Carmichael aka Kwame Ture and Charles V Hamilton and became enlightened/

Stokely addressed institutional racism addressing how racism occurs in institutions like public schools/

We all should be equal but this nation was built and still runs on White supremacy and if you don't believe that you're a fool/

Take it back to middle school teachers said they were only there for the pay checks and every time we seen them outside they were smoking Newports and KOOLs/

We need to build stop with the sit down philosophy and sit down thought pattern/

Malcolm X said "once you change your philosophy you change your thought pattern, once you change your thought pattern you change your attitude, once you change your attitude it changes your behavior pattern, and then you go into some action"/

Hearing Malcolm's words was poetry to my ears so now let's build charter schools that focus on Asian History, Latino History, African History, Creative Writing, Philosophy and Sociology along with required courses/

Let's move with logic/

Start questioning everything and stop moving like zombies/

Goddammit youth need to learn about Mahatma Gandhi, Karl Marx, Marcus Garvey along with Pan Africanism and the UNIA/

Rest in peace to Nelson Mandela that's all I have to say/




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