Philadelphia Deadbeat School District


Leadership, Endurance, Social Skills, Self expression
Outside these books we've learned some lessons
We've progressed and prospered, we've grew and gained, we experienced and evolved
Through these extracurricular activities that created intellectual influencers, musical masters, the athletically advanced
We became leaders and warriors of our generation
But what about the generations following us
Its difficult to picture how they started this stuff
From the budgets cutting deeper than any razor known to man
To the new Philadelphia school districts plan
To rule out creativity and ability to build new homes for the future state enemies
No love for inner city kids and yaw gotta be feelin me
Look at any suburban school and compare our facilities
Cause its the state who gives funds and they should give to those who lack
but I guess white supremacy would play a role in that
I'd hate to play the race card but it seems be a fact that
Level of education influences societal class
Suburban whites come out on top urban minorities last
So what's left a school filled with nothing but books
No social activities no extracurricular learning
All work and no play makes an upbringing of lost futures
Like prisoners waking up to the same daily routine
With nothing to look forward to,
complete the work seen
No inspiration to develope new dreams
But its not so boring or as bad as it seems, see
Our new activities would be to fight for our rights
Athletics will become riots
Music will become rallies
Art will become radical graffiti on this wall of oppression forcing us into these overcrowded hallways
So scream for the students skills sacrificed through the school district
Shout for the shear disregard shown by the state
Yell for the younger generations that must suffer through this eulogy of quality education because...
Our voices will not be silenced!



The ending is my favorite part.

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