old friends

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Why did no one tell us of The wretched death of friendships In the years of our flowering youth, When all companionry seemed portentious Of tomorrow? No expiration Seemed to us inevitable, lurking
You expect me to take your words to be true. You expect me to trust you. You expect me to do what you say All day, every day. You want my to ask, “how high?”
Hello, old friend, I am calling for you, can you hear? I know I've strayed, but can you save me once more? Against your warnings I've jumped and forgot how to swim.
Every day we see each other, First we were friendly. Then things began to get weird, We went our separate ways. You went your way, And I went mine. Every day we acknowledge each other,
memories of all those times we talked, touched, and shared tears fall down burning my cheeks what has happened to us to the endless conversations all the random things we did and talked about time just passed by
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