so close yet so far


United States
37° 40' 25.4064" N, 122° 6' 2.8332" W

memories of all those times we talked, touched, and shared
tears fall down burning my cheeks
what has happened to us
to the endless conversations
all the random things we did and talked about
time just passed by
i see you and you see me
yet nothing happens
we are ghosts walking in the halls
my heart was filled with love
now its empty
we never talk, never smile
awkward silences fill the room
nothing is said or done
just two people in there own world
waiting for the other
to speak, to yell, to do something
to break the silence
to break down and say how we truely feel
he is so close to me
yet were are a world apart
use to be best friends
more than friends
now just strangers
like nothing ever happened
feelings eating at my heart
longing for the old days
longing for the attention and love
he was my support
my shoulder to cry on
my diary filled with my secrets
he was sunshine on the cloudy day
now he is just another cloud
the broken lock on the diary
a spirit with no shoulders
i thought we were so close
but i guess i was wrong
we are so far apart


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