Our Own Ways

Every day we see each other,

First we were friendly.

Then things began to get weird,

We went our separate ways.

You went your way,

And I went mine.

Every day we acknowledge each other,

But I can see that you don’t.

You first were being friendly,

Now it’s out of pity.

Why do I need your pity?
The fact that I know what to do?
How about I am confident with myself?

Is it the fact that I practice religion?
Or maybe it’s because I got over your lies?

Sometimes I feel like we ended things too soon,

Maybe we did,

Maybe we didn’t.

But we’ll never know.

Are you happy with how she makes you feel?
Is it the way I made you happy?
How about the way I made you laugh?

I’ll never know,

You avoid talking to me like it’s the plague.

Maybe things ended for the little things,

How I didn’t talk a lot,

Or the fact I had short attention span.

Now when I look back on it,

Maybe it’s me!

When you said, “It’s not you, it’s me,”

Maybe it really is me.

Maybe I really am messed up.

But you want to know something?
Everyone has a problem.

Or maybe it really is you,

Maybe you couldn’t put another person before you.

When we pass each other,

Sometimes I still feel the connection.

And I wonder,

I wonder if you feel it too.

I know that I can,

And it makes me feel like we can get passed our past.

I know that we can if we try,

But sometime it’s not worth the fight.

Every day when we see each other,

I shove everything behind,

And give you a smile.

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