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We're the generation with bodybags  We're the generation with hashtags We're the ones marching  We're the ones trying  We don't want your prayers  We're tired of scares  We're with Parkland
15 No one cares Video games did it Thoughts and Prayers   33 No one cares Mental illness  Thoughts and Prayers   27 No one cares Not the guns
  While everyone else is having fun A person is out there buying a gun   We have all these laws and the second amendment
Questions   He talks I can’t breathe He kisses me
Emotionally invested into something I once protested.
I checked my schdeule today Yellow on tuesday You fooled me I believed in us You fooled me! I helped make you first And you made me yellow Yellow on Tuesday  
stared at her  The girl I loved  And she stared back As tears glistened In her deep brown  Glossy eyes She took my hand With hers She took my hand 
Why do the clouds cry? Could it be for me? Deprived of name, flesh, and shoe, trapped in an endless cycle of resentment. My only crime being that I am different.
The trust that I gave you was nothing more than a gift of mineIn which you used that to your advantage Waiting opening the gift with secrets all of mineAnd one of yours which was the most important secret of them allThat in which I did not see the
The Choices You Make   Doesn't matter what the press says     And show the world your beliefs
Theresienstadt: Ghetto/Camp/Hope for Better Fate   Model ghetto
They could take our names, They could take our skin, Our hair, They could take our lives, And everything that made us Human. But they can’t take our faith. They bond we have,
Screams, Shouts, As the black smoke fills the heavy air. Families ripped apart, “boys and men to one side— Women and girls on the other” Repeated day after day. No food, No water. Here,
They came at night Breaking doors and windows Like they broke my mother’s heart. We were forced into cattle cars Crammed together like sardines In a smelly, dirty, sweltering box.
A silver yawn her intake of breath And she closes her eyes and stretches her sobbing limbs.
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