It Ends Here


While everyone else is having fun

A person is out there buying a gun

  We have all these laws and the second amendment

So anyone can by a gun, without even the state’s consent


23 School Shootings In 2018

But you have to try and read the lines in between

You see it’s really not that complex

What we could use are some better background checks

This is becoming normal for our nation

The people who should be, aren’t in frustration

What if the BANG BANG of a bullet went through me?

Would that even change the lens in which you see?


Weather it’s a machine gun, rifle, pistol or knife

Does it really matter if it seems to take someone’s life?

A gun is like living without air, it can take a life in a blink

So maybe Mr. President you should just take a second to think


It’s like no one noticed that these children just died

And I think only us as the youth seem to know why

So now it’s time we tell them where we’ve had to go and been

So may I just say #NEVERAGAIN


This poem is about: 
My country


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