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Dear ETs, I’m sorry, I cannot find a way To bring myself to fully answer your question Regarding humanity’s ending passage of days;
She flips page after page, anxiously trying to reach the end; Because there will be an end, And it will be a happy one; Hers? She's not so sure; But no, she won't think of that;
Problems Modern questions Things for solving Some quandaries for unwinding Queries   Puzzles Of everything
I have this friend that I am useless without. I know, I know, Friends are not meant to last forever. But this one sorta does.
It's a necessity to my life, without it nothing would be right. It brightens up my day, and gets me through the night. Grasping on my hopes and dreams, bringing them to life.
You ask me what I need As if without air I can still breathe, Without water or sunlight I'll be fine. So All necessities aside, I guess I need the world.  It's a lot to ask, but 
While it may seem obvious, I simply must point out that what I need for living is the thing that causes droughts. When stranded on an island with this necessity all around I actually could swim in it
All I need is Sydney There is rhyme and reason why  Stranded on an island without her I may die she keeps me sane and stable;  She is my best friend can't you tell 
"do i need anyone?" i asked. did i?   
"Love is not about possession, love is about appreciation" If you love the most beautiful flower, why would you pick it? It would die. It would cease to be the thing you love. So why?
People dedicating themselves wholly to an ideal Accepting a way of life that is almost surreal Submitting their transient needs for something greater Solving problems on coffee, feeling like a martyr
Why do I write? Why do you breathe? Why do you blink? Why do you sleep? Why do you eat? Because we have to.   Why do I write? Why do you go to school? Why do you have a job?
What is it that compels me to write?
You start off small, you are nothing New territory, new experiences, new chapter of life Feeling empty and alone, but you are not All that hard work paying off Progression and changes Comfort and confidence
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