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Internal cries enveloped through the wind Dahlias dancing to the whistling river The horizon is overtaken by mountains And I stand here a simple weed  
The Chinese flag, deserted on the ground,             Bodies littered, blood seeping into the earth, And with no innocent life to be found,             Lay the cities, without a single warm hearth,
I am my father's daughter I no longer have the long hair he tied up for me, no space to put the jade pins and flowers His own sword was held in my hand as I changed my hair, as I changed my identity
Once upon a snowy night The Mongols were ready for a fight Our brave hero, Mulan Was a heroine all along. But how could an act like that become undiscovered? When she has so much things having to be covered?
If only, Mulan, you kept your long silky hair You could be Rapunzel, not a soldier in despair Look at her shiny golden locks Meanwhile, you’re surrounded by cocks  
Mulan, a girl, not nearly a queen She gave up her place and put priorities aside Foolish Maybe, but wonderful you see To fight for her passion for her love and for her father She became an inspiration for many
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