Flowers for Mulan

Sun, 08/20/2017 - 15:22 -- CiaraJ

I am my father's daughter

I no longer have the long hair he tied up for me, no space to put the jade pins and flowers

His own sword was held in my hand as I changed my hair, as I changed my identity

As I held the power of life and death over mens heads

I know I must have brought him dishonor

When I stole the order from him and adorned his armor

When I became a soldier instead of a wife

When I became his son instead of his daughter

I fought alongside men who will never know who I was

My father, they will never know why I took your place

The effort I put into looking and acting as they did

The pain I felt as I put on your armor each day, knowing you were not with me

They can not understand the anger that consumed me as I struck down my enemies

Those who destroyed my nation, those who made you so weak

I brought home your sword and helmet

I brought home your armor and horse

I brought back your daughter, but you are not here to greet her

Long have you been gone along with mother's love

Buried beneath the blossom tree where you showed me the world

You taught me peace, you taught me balance

My last gift to you was a lie

As my ancestors look down on me, I hope you are with them

I pray that you forgive me for what I have done

I pray you forgive me for bringing you honor so late

If honor could have saved you, I would have fought the war alone


This is my last battle

May your sword provide justice in reuniting me with you

For there is nothing left for me to desire than to be by your side

Let them bury me here next to you

Let us sit upon the hill, beneath the blossom tree, as we used to

So you may place the flowers in my hair

And we may watch the world change its ways once more


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Our world


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