If Only, Mulan

If only, Mulan, you kept your long silky hair

You could be Rapunzel, not a soldier in despair

Look at her shiny golden locks

Meanwhile, you’re surrounded by cocks


If only, Mulan, you weren’t so brave

Do you want to end up in a grave?

Leave all the fighting for the men

Put down your sword, you’re a hen


If only, Mulan, you lived in a tower

You’d be a delicate little flower

You wouldn’t be lonely, in agony

Look at Rapunzel over the balcony


If only, Mulan, you’d listen to me

We’re women, can’t you see?

We’re not buff or good enough

You’re only a diamond in the rough





Mulan, Mulan, you’re finally listening

The tears upon your cheeks are glistening

Take my hand, you’ll soon understand

Women don’t make the law of the land


Mulan, Mulan, let down your hair

Let us see your soft skin, nice and fair

Those almond brown eyes

You’re above all, rise!


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