Irreconcilable Garden ( The untold story of Mulan)

Internal cries enveloped through the wind

Dahlias dancing to the whistling river

The horizon is overtaken by mountains

And I stand here a simple weed


Surrounded by dahlias


Trespasser amongst beauty


They don’t notice


Last autumn leaves fell from a dahlia tree

I joined them hidden in the dark

A purpose inescapable

What am I to do but disguise


Even as one of them

I remember a time where i was a hydrangea

As dahlias remained hovering in the tree

We fell to the ground


Stomped on in full bloom


Clinging to the hope for spring

Desperate to look like..


A purpose i have fulfilled

The hydrangeas wouldn’t risk

Sitting a dahlia

I understand hanging from a tree


But how much longer til spring




This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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