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A small Alaskan town Enveloped in a calm, magical mist Where everyone grew up on a steady diet of Chocolate brown X-tra Tuffs, playing outside until dark descended, and rain that never stopped
One big move States away Nothing left to prove I wish I could have stayed   Here in Ohio Moved from Texas Hurts, so I cry, Oh Fate seems to perplex us   I feel like a ghost
I have a past, we all do Some of it is lies, other things are true My grandma said I lied about rape My aunt said I was fake My church said I was a mistake My friends said they needed a break
You move on to greener pastures.
was the most intriguing being, walked steadily, her smile bewitched me, i felt something move inside of me, my colleague said it was blood, i did not believe him, God really knows how to create,
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