One big move

States away

Nothing left to prove

I wish I could have stayed


Here in Ohio

Moved from Texas

Hurts, so I cry, Oh

Fate seems to perplex us


I feel like a ghost

Nothing left of me

I miss myself the most

Through dry eyes, I can no longer see


I feel like I am stuck in a rut

Trying to get out

Feeling like I am too far gone, but

I hear a distant shout


“Get up off the floor,

You are not a lost cause

There IS something more

Don’t put your life on pause.


You are going to be alright

You will survive

You don’t have to put up a fight

You are still ALIVE.”


 I decide to pick myself up

I will try to shut out the lies

It is time for me to grow up

I open up my eager eyes


It’s been a year

Honestly, it has not been easy

But I am no longer bound by fear

I still feel somewhat queasy


I still look up to the sky

I am thankful for my life

Although I do not feel an all-time high

I would rather push those thoughts aside


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