I am a Lotus, despite the muddy water I am Beautiful


I have a past, we all do

Some of it is lies, other things are true

My grandma said I lied about rape

My aunt said I was fake

My church said I was a mistake

My friends said they needed a break

Now you can see why I never wanted say a word

But now all I want to do is spread my story and be heard

Just because people say you aren’t right

Doesn’t mean you have to run and hide

The truth about that night is I really don’t know

I just have what the doctor’s report showed

They said I had been penetrated at least two times

I said it wasn’t true, those results couldn’t be mine

I was a virgin, I had barely had my first kiss

But that didn’t stop everyone from being remiss

Because of all this I began to cut

My mom knew something was going on, but didn’t know what

That summer I moved for a fresh start

The lies my “family” told fractured my heart

I told two new friends why I had moved

They used it against me and the school had me removed

So I moved once again try for a fresh start

This time knowing not to let anyone impart

I made new friends and now I know

The truth doesn’t always have to blow

My life has challenged over and over

But not every flower has a four leaf clover


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