Manic Depression

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ive been to some dark places for a while now some im still stuck in so im so sorry for everything.... ive learned alot over these past few years only to find a war within myself
Four emotions at once and yet where am I running? With all my intelligence I thought I'd be a bit more cunning.   Hate Love Understanding Heartbreak  
I strive for any sense of sanity my body has left
So young with highs as sharp as mountain peaks, and lows deeper than the bottom of the sea. The flashes of emotions were killing me, and the pills were not healing me. In my head there were bits and pieces
My doctor told me that I'm too high Soaring in the Sky Need to fall back down to earth Shit that hurt So he said we need to increase your dosage 3 doses, 1 plus 2 Shit that made me mad at you
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