ive been to some dark

ive been to some dark places for a while now
some im still stuck in
so im so sorry
for everything....
ive learned alot over these past few years
only to find a war within myself
and a dream i have been having
and can never let go
and i dont know how to fix it

ive been stuck in this life feel like ive missed it
trying to get rid of these thoughts there consistant
im living life to fast
next day you never know it might be my last
my bodys not made to last
things arent the same, everyday i get little more insane
im feeling manic so i panic
trying to grasp was reality i have left before i vanish

so i panic

panic for reason i cannot manage
feel this world was built to be tarnished
tears blood and sweat is splilled before i can pay my bills
i feel like im constantly on drills
marching.....Marching for something i cannot explain
because im stuck here dying inside my own brain

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