Doc Don't Kill My High (Poetic Justice)


United States
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My doctor told me that I'm too high
Soaring in the Sky
Need to fall back down to earth
Shit that hurt
So he said we need to increase your dosage
3 doses, 1 plus 2
Shit that made me mad at you
So screamed out
Doc don't kill my high...

1... 2...
Ya think ya know me
51-50, I was blessed with that homie
Shit, yes I'm that crazy
Ya think I had it all good brodie?
Falso mi amigo, knock on wood it won't happen again
Bipolar Disorder, Medical condition
Depakote pills, That's my perscription
Doc don't kill my high

Natural High, that;s my E
Don't need a frikken pill of Molly
My level's so high
I feel like a G
No addiction, Mary Jan, Coke, Non that I'm feinin'
Dreams of higher highs am I only seeing
Doc Don't kill my high

Befuddled, Confused, Bewildered, Amused
WtF does this doctor want from me my homie
he doesn't want mesad, he doesn't want me happy
shoot what does he want, yo no se brodie
Wants to see me stable
Like a balloon tied down but made to fly
Shit, he is killing my high

Mind running a mile a minute, and that;s how i keep it
"I feel inner peace when I am out of my mind" Ludacris said it. and that's how im feeling
Manic Episode makes me feel invisible
Inspire, motivated, I'm free from all principles
Doc don't kill my high

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