'lgbt' 'self worth' 'accepting' 'beauty' 'bullying'

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There’s so many things that you can love about yourself.Find joy and peace inside yourself, don’t hide yourself, and be ok with being by yourself.
  Am I pretty enough?   Am I pretty enough? Sometimes I’m not sure, I put on this makeup, like it’s the only cure, but somewhere between my black lined eyes,  alcohol made highs.
Matthew, You do not know the person writing to you today, nor could you ever fathom her existence. You also do not know how capable you are for revolutionary metamorphosis, you must learn;
She was called Frog A cruel name Given in ignorance For something out of her control   Shunned  Pushed to an outer wasteland Disgusted Wrong and unnatural   Most Days
The world is a scary place but you didnt need me to say that...                ... did you? You think all people are pure that the truth overpowers the lies, the good always wins...
Messy, Daylight, Fences     She learned to love her, yes she did In those few minutes and few weeks It wasn't love strain'd (maybe Shakespeare'd understand) And it wsasn't love beow the belt
Heads in the street that cry out social justice. We got women's liberation heading out across the nation. Killing's in war zones we call school's. Handing out condoms demanding abortion on demand. No one hurts no one has a voice ?
That feeling, those feelings, that tingling I have The twinkling, the gleaming, screaming within The bleeding, the pleading, the grieving that’s been Confusing when it’s who I am.
When I was in first grade I saw the world for the first time What it was like to live And that my life was mine The world was a beautiful place
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