Messy, Daylight, Fences



She learned to love her, yes she did

In those few minutes and few weeks

It wasn't love strain'd (maybe Shakespeare'd understand)

And it wsasn't love beow the belt

It was love like their parallel skin

It was love like the long nights they'd spend

Texting words that wouldn't be said

to just any other lover 

Any other person.

They were words of fire

Like the tongues that spat hate

On their love so pure and new

Only their fire was rich

Their flame was blue. 

And though their love wasn't by the book

It wasn't by the world

They were just parallel's floating

Loving beyond comprehension

And that was okay because only they knew

Thy loved like the universe

Both in and out, and through 




                        ( DEDICATED TO ALL LGBTQPIA+)



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