We Will Be Alright

When I was in first grade I saw the world for the first time

What it was like to live

And that my life was mine

The world was a beautiful place

A world where you could be anything

No matter your race

I wanted to be a princess I wanted to make art

I wanted to be anything that came from my heart

The world had beauty in strange places

And it was written on different stranger’s faces

At a young age I wanted to do good for myself and others

I wanted to treat everyone like my sisters and brothers

I have made many mistakes in my life

but I know it can change

And I will be Alright


“In Three Words I Can Sum Up Everything I’ve Learned About Life- It Goes On”

Words of a man named Robert Frost

And humans have been living life without this information for far too long.

We make mistakes we dwell on but at what cost

As humans- we worry about how we look, what we do and how we speak

That we would do anything to fit in in a single heart beat

We forget who we are and what we are made for

There is so much in life

Take flight

And Soar

Society will force you to your knees like you are kneeling to kings

The things it says, the things it does

It will try to clip your wings

You are good enough and you should fight

And I know You will be Alright


In your eyes you may not see much, a human with nothing

I see a work of art that can speak truth and stand up for something

You are like art that the world tries to form the way it wants

Form the way you want to be and ignore the taunts

You will fall, you will bleed,

you may give up

but you have to believe

Believe tomorrow will be better

Believe that you can do anything no matter who you are

Because you are beautiful, and you are amazing by far

I believe society can change and take away the shame

When you speak words- people are like candles

And when you act on it, you start their flame.

I believe in you

Believe in yourself

Because you shine like nobody else

Society can’t put a label something with such light

The world is young

And full of hope

And I believe We will be Alright


I pray for a day where we won’t be forced to follow the rules of society

That we can paint the world a new

With a bigger and bolder variety

We must be strong for our fathers and mothers

We must see, we must follow and respect our fellow brothers

We are human there is no other kind but the humankind

Yet we aren’t in our right mind

We have to flip the switch

We have to know what to do

We have to save ourselves

We need to pull through

The world is pure, it’s quite a sight

I know

I Believe

We will be



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