The Time Is Now To Come Together (Coexist)

Heads in the street that cry out social justice. We got women's liberation heading out across the nation. Killing's in war zones we call school's. Handing out condoms demanding abortion on demand. No one hurts no one has a voice ? Ever more determined to bring people together now more then ever. The Aheist, Agnostic, Muslim, Christian & Buddhist. We must come together collectively coexist to create a bond with each other. There's lines being formed from Las Angelos to Brooklyn. Sound the alarm to unite the gay, straight & crossgender in are society. We walk a fine line between heaven and hell. There is a clash occuring for a common cause of "LOVE" ! No is the time to remain whole hearted to are commitment in assuring that are freedoms are not taken advantage of. I proclaim equal right's & justice ! This not the time in remaing lukewarm sitting on the sidelines so let your voice be heard !

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My community


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