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I’m scared of losing my ability to write Like the way essays seem to escape me right before i have an idea
Charred among the ashes stirredA people left here uninterred.No beds of peace or roses here;A feast alight for blackened bird.
First Sight Boundaries between, Walls knocked down Skies are cleared, King finds his crown. Smiles all the same But one in particular; Remains. Butterflies in the brain
New year, new me, who would've thought you'd rescue me. We learnt from the past, And had a blast. New year at last, Well, that was fast.
Today. Today is my last first day of high school. Some may think it's a blessing in disguise, but I see it as a day of mourning. It's that last time your mom will be taking pictures with the sign that says
I looked in vessels of green light one day, and I saw my life.. Who would have know that such a wonderful vision could have been so, misleading So out of character So wrong, for me. I saw my future
He on the seventeenth Of the fifth month Heard a noise He sneaked He saw. An illusion it would Have been thought she He hid as if he ignored She walked passing through  
Highschool. New dudes, new chicks. New classes, new cliques. New teacher, new book. thats freshman year, now lets tke another look. Highschool. Another teacher, algebra 2.
The clouds are crumbling, dissolving, fallin' apart. Fallin' down,                     down. Bounce      off the birds, the planes,      it's super hard to see where they trace,
I ask for a whisper an anticdote to cure- I'm feeble and crushed, hidden and lost- what I cannot- I try not,
Often at night I run but not only for fun.
Its these that scare me more than anything its that what's said today
The last leaf, right there in front of me   having lasted through the first snow of winter. It stayed long after the bitter winds first arrived,   long after the temperatures dropped.
We couldn't make this last,
Remember December in all it's splendor The way you held me My body surrendered A love so gentle My body so tender Yearning for you Our last December
Smile for me, my love Till your last breath fades away Please watch over me
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