The last Girl.

Tue, 11/17/2015 - 13:37 -- kfloyd

I looked in vessels of green light one day, and I saw my life..
Who would have know that such a wonderful vision could have been so,
So out of character
So wrong,
for me.
I saw my future
A life with a girl
With not so red curls
I saw a women that could fix me
But in reality, only brought me to an unfortunate demise
And her smile continues to cut deep into my soul,
she's taking pieces of me already and that i cannot recover when she leaves
Maybe after her, i will know what absolute emptiness feels like
Maybe after her,, I'll be able to feel Ecstasy that is bleeding
for the entertainment of counting the droplets leaving my wrist.
Maybe when she leaves,
I'll begin to write.
Not that old me poetry,
but that hardcore
slaps you dead
That soul aching,
" My heart broke reading this"
Lines stained with blood, so you know I was here
So deep you have to physically be pulled out of the stanza
Lines of supreme Art.
And I can feel the heartbreak coming
I can taste the blood I soon will shed,
for a girl who will use I as ink
for her next poem.
Not knowing that I am pale from her withdrawal.
After her parting, Love will not live in the wall of this temple.
When she leaves she will take all of me with her.
and it is impossible to say
I fell in love with this girl in three days.
With a soul,
a mind,
a body
oozing such beauty
you could frame it.
Making all artist who ever painted jealous of such a masterpiece
My love, I am afraid that I am loving you and you have already left me.
I am terrified that I will never be good enough to touch your skin.
an marvel at your flaws as small Mona Lisa's
and you will not believe me when I say
"I Love you"
I have wanted for a love so pure to arrive
and the act of love not being returned
Brings me to this cliff..
Ready to jump.


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