Home At Last


Its these that scare me more than anything

its that what's said today

won't be worth remembering

and that tomorrow

will only bring more fighting


Deep inside, I find myself

Stopping in and out

Too and fro



Waiting for the chance in the night


Waiting for my chance to race

Race - go far away from this place

Seek out the peaces of blood they spilled

Recover them

Without the thought of mine self

Find them all

Find the peaces they stole from us


Fight them back

Them all back

'Till I can't stop it

'Till I've found my common ground

Until we're home at last


We'll still be scared

This I know

But we'll have those tears to hold

No one will be able to hear the rhyme

Our rhyme

No one will be able to understand the reason

Our reason

They'll see us together and call it treason

They'll say it’s against the natural order

We'll tell them to screw their order

And we'll go home


After all this fighting though

I know that one day

When I go home

I'll stop at the doorway

and contemplate the things I forgot to say

But I'll continue onward anyway


And while I'm home

I'll crawl into the bed we shared together

I'll roll over and breathe in and cry a little

and cry a lot

and cry forever


And while I'm home I'll finally understand

How all those who lost their blood felt

I'll understand what it means

Home at last

But all alone 


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