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"Silence girl" "Hold your tongue" "I think you're too opinionated" "You better watch your mouth"   The girl holds back her comment She knows she shouldn't speak  especially not now
Èṣù, I remember you incited my triskaidekaphobia after striking me as I stood, dead  center, in a vacillating road On the eve of my thirteenth birthday.  
The close leaders in my life Always fail and disappoint The distant leaders in my life Do not recognize my existence   The matriarchs of my family
My hands already know how to braid my hair   At 15, I cut my hairthe ends tickle my chin.sensational.   At 8, my hair is too short to braid.  
They say the young have a flame within them. But I think they need that flame to keep themselves warm, Stretching their cold, old hands out to my fire to stop the numbness. Little do they know, 
A rose-hipped girl with legs closed tight Sits staunching an ochre river. She’s sure of a weeping snake with teeth Red sunk into her belly.
Are you ever just not numb but not feeling anything either?
I don't wanna be where I am  
Being full of love is not as easy as it looks
I imagine Infinity as a dream But then again everything I imagine is a dream   I imagine Infinity as a dream Where he and I are together forever Where nothing and no one can touch Us  
she wasn't ever a very good liar and when she did lie it was impulsive and she felt unclean but she doesn't know doesn't understand  if it's his karma or some unpsoken unofficial
this is not romance, she thinks  she sees the world in its barest form learning all of its secrets and nuances and believing that  in essence  everything  truly  was black and white
eyes do not  age.  they'll always be bright enough dancing with light  to make the bluejays jealous and they'll be deep and mysterious enough to plant elm trees in  they're honest and so loving and 
Congratulations it's a baby girl! It starts from their day one on earth. The 1st true colors you see is pink. Pink walls, pink cloths, pink crib, for god sakes even your dippers are all pink.
My mom and my dad were looking at each other. I knew it had to be serious. Dad always blinked a lot when he was scared or nervous. He also tapped his foot on the floor.   He looked older when he didn’t smile.
Look at those matted strands upon your head Spots on your face like a dalmatian Your knees knock knocking while you clamber  down the street  You ! Yea you  I see you 
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