Descended from Women

The close leaders in my life

Always fail and disappoint

The distant leaders in my life

Do not recognize my existence


The matriarchs of my family

From the civil war until now

Are the only leaders who

Haven't let me down


Stories from the lives

Are passed down as heirlooms

Their humble gravestones

Grandly mark lives well lived


They were strong women

Farmers, seamstresses, store owners

They were single, married, divorced

Never hidden or ashamed


They experienced full lives

Of hardship and scandal

However, rumors held no power over them

They never once abandoned ship


As their descendant I am connected

To a tale bigger than myself

Some may be long dead

Yet we know each other just the same


I have observed these women my whole life

Formed from their influence

A sense of bravery, still I pray

For the courage needed to follow their lead


This poem is about: 
My family


Rachel Genevieve

I love this poem so much! The acknowledgement of family matriarchs feels so rare.

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