Ramblings of a Teenage Girl: Infinity

Tue, 05/31/2016 - 01:00 -- umyeah

I imagine Infinity as a dream

But then again everything I imagine is a dream


I imagine Infinity as a dream

Where he and I are together forever

Where nothing and no one can touch Us


It's real in my mind


He looks at me like he loves me

Because he does

And he'd do anything for me

Or everything he could


Our life isn't perfect

But our Love is

We'd have our Happily Ever After

And put no one above


   "Who is he?" they say

    To be quite honest I have no idea

    I'm still waiting, I mean,

    I'm only a kid

    But if I were in a movie

    Some Indie feature-film

    With a soundtrack that captured the complex simplicity of my emotions

    I'd have a love like no other

    And all I'd need was him

In Infinity

Our Love is like God

And I am as pious as they come


Legs and hearts intertwined

We lie together

On the beaches of my mind

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