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Fast and furious. Fast. Curious? Fast. Murderous. Fast,fast. Blurry-rious. Fast. Gas...gas. Mass. Over. Gas!!! DEATH PENALTY! By Frank Bustamante 
It is the will of few men,That many must die,Petty feuds to mend,And boys in graves to lie, 
tank on E but i got that stank on me gassed up in this bitch is you higher than me? got a pack a swish a bowl and home made bongs fast food fried nigga im dipped like a sunday cone
My car ran out of gas, but there was  a station close by. I walked up to the station, but had no gas can. A fellow was filling his gas can for his lawn mower and offered to help.
You claim your ambitions, yet you sit back and wade How can someone be so ignorant, is this why you're paid? Our brothers have fallen, our sisters held hostage, We didn't agree to this, I didn't sign a single roster.
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