Hi. I find you incredible. Wow. I know. Someone comes on strong....but you are. Ah! You are! You are! You are! I wish you could see it. Like really see it! Through my eyes so you could see exactly what I mean! Maybe you already know it. I hope so. Man, I really hope you do. I hope you walk around with the confidence that you deserve to have because you are incredible. Incredible. Incredible. Extraordinary. Spectacular. Amazing. Incredible. Fantastic! I am so much happier when I am with you. Your spirit fills me up like a car that is running low on gasoline and finally gets filled. You know how the car starts getting bumping and difficult to drive. But then you put some gas in and slowly but surely you start getting back on track. And the car stops being shaky and it's back on the road off to its destination. That's what happens to me. Your spirit fills me up and gets my shaky soul to find the steadiness again and I am so grateful. During lessons I always want to be near you because I want to be better with you, for you. I want to stay focused and learn so I can be worthy of someone like you someday. Worthy of you and your incredible self. 


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