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she was like watercolor.   no.   She was watercolor.   her bright red smile would slip through my fingers just as it came,
watch me as I fade; my friend. I grow weaker everyday; watch me as I cave; my friend. for now all, I know is pain. watch me as I break; my friend. remember the opression and hate?
If I fell, would I feel it? The impact that would shake my bones? Or would my body remain numb, unaware of the cold?   Would my heart still beat, thumping against its cage?
"Your smile was      fading                               Changing                              Rearranging  Its not the same As it used to be Cause you don't feel free I can hear your screams
I always worried that people would notice and ask
I've been searching for a way out of this blurred vision.   Among checkups and lenses I watched through pink frames. Instead I am ostracized
I'm losing myself
Falling, fading I'm slowly losing myself ino the eternal hole of darkness pain, betrayal, and abandonment is all I have felt in my 17 years of life my smile does not reach my eyes
I still don't inhabit my own body. I am a guest. I am a spectator as my meat covered bones tangle with other vessels in dark rooms vomitting languages unknown, quiet and uncomfortable.
You’ll be famous one day, love Shooting up to soar with the stars Where some have faded, But will never burn out And up in the sky you’ll have your moment Of being the brightest star in the darkest night
Talkative people and silent movers stalk their sleep without a peep. sinking and rolling, never really knowing if ground is up and if down is round. Reality fades into managing days
The sound of the crickets, willow was sure, still couldn’t mask the clanging of her beating heart against her rib cage.
You see yourself as low compared to average you’re below Weird is where you fit life seems like a glitch You are fading far away do not know if you can stay Perfection is way out of reach just a dream by a sandy beach
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