Falling, fading

I'm slowly losing myself

ino the eternal hole of darkness

pain, betrayal, and abandonment

is all I have felt

in my 17 years of life

my smile does not reach my eyes

from a lively blue to a lifeless grey

my eyes lost their color

as more scars appear


Falling, fading

I close myself off from society

my once so called friends

have forgotten me

my family does not understand

my pain seems to last forever

with no escape

the light of happiness gone

and the darkness takes over

as dangerous thoughts fill my mind


Fallin, fadng

it seems that everything good

is disappeaing

destorying my soul and heart

even so more

I try to make everybody happy,

everyone but myself

my dreams and ambitions

forgotten, gone, and dead

while the nightmares become real

and torture me


Falling, fading

I have always been

the shoulder for others to cry on,

the counciler, advisor

making unnessacary sacrifices

but never having anyone there for me

easily forgotten and replaced

only until I am needed

I don't think that I will ever be truely happy again

but after all this is only self pity

that's what they all say

but to me it is something more

The action and thoughts lead to

the slight depression of many others

whom feel as if they are


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I love this! It is great! I completely relate to it.  Keep up the good work.

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