You’ll be famous one day, love

Shooting up to soar with the stars

Where some have faded,

But will never burn out

And up in the sky you’ll have your moment

Of being the brightest star in the darkest night

I’ll watch you shine as the brightest star in the darkest night


The other stars will envy your blinding light

And will be inspired to shine brighter once more

To believe that the brightness they once held could be restored

And new stars will be inspired to follow you

In the legacy you leave which begs to be followed

They will shoot up beside you

They will pass you


And as you fade

The old starts will respect the light they once knew well

Of your youth, of your journey seen

And the new starts will look back at you

Like an idol they once knew dearly

But never look back for too long

To realize they were moving on the places beyond their former inspiration


You can be content with where you stand

As an older star with fame dwindling down

Where you can look up and see the others from a distance

In a daunting night found to become more beautiful

The farther away you go

And the closer you come

At the same time


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

well said


thank you!

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