Everything is Awesome Poerty Slam

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Only You Can Be My Main Sister, Only You Can Be My Friend. Only You Can Make Me Happy, Only You Can Make Me Proud Of Who I Am.
Watching fireworks up in the sky,drinking coffee on a Saturday,hearing stories from my grandpa's friend, Mr. Fry,kneeling by my bed to think and pray,my favorite song and the windows down,
If not for awesome, life would be dull 
A million paths, all lead to one. You either lived life to the fullest or wait till it’s done. I’m ecstatic, I am scared. Doing what I love to do with the thrill of the unknowing.
“Kids today are so self-absorbed” “They’re always on tweeter and Face…something. They can’t even formulate thoughts that people want to read, but they post every little thing.”
Breathe: in and out - where are the controls? Smile, sing, or shout, whatever to console.   Place your hand on your heart: what's its motivation? The pink inside your head: how does it know its vocation?  
When I think about life sometimes tears come to my eyes. The lack of money I have at times causes me strife. But then I remember my goals and what’s to unfold. Then I remember my blessings
The desert is not an empty husk, barren with life clinging to its last breath on cold stone and sliding desert sand.
Everything is awesome! I'm about to blossom. College on the way, no time to play.  Everything is awesome, when you're living out your dream.  Nursing school takes lots of work and a good team. 
I must stay here. I don't believe in living on the edge.  I feel safe in my room.  I must to stay where I am,  where I am common.    If I leave I must soar  above the constraints of my prison.
26 letters
She's a tomboy with blonde hair and blue eyes, Who's quite all about the country guys. Before her braces she used to wear glasses, But now she wears contacts.
Pinks and blues fade
I'm smiling as I write this.  Not because I'm happy, no. If anything, I am quite sad. My mom is sick, the bank is taking away our house and we are left broke
Sounds of laughter come from the water.
This strange thing called Life,  Many will put in Bad Light. They say that it's cruel and unfair,  When really it's cool and unifying.  It's not what life does with you,  It's what you do to life. 
Why thou museth describe thee? Wow, what a gorgeous lion you are. Strong , but gracious towards the one you care about. How sweet and apthetic you are. Never have i met someone with such symmetry,
Every now and again, we believe we are awesome. My friend, she's awesome, for having my back. My mother, she's awesome, for not cutting me slack.
When the land is dark And all is lost I strain to see The light following me But it is there And always will be   That light shines So bright, you see Is hope
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