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I don't hate you, I never did You are a human, who makes mistakes You listen to your mind, as everyone does Others think you're an idiot, I think they might have a clue Does it matter at this time, I think not
I search for the truth, meaning and a higher power, but I get lost in time, the seconds, minutes and the hours, this is life, it’s bitter and the taste is sour, the consequences of putting one man in power, he feeds on the racist, their minds he d
Dear mom I know that I am loved  
Fat Man and Little Boy The fear of the world’s end bellows In impending furnace of radioactive fire
Ofcourse America is in good shape... great shape even. I saw him in a hoodie taking a jog one day..he was 6 ft, dark male... um looking suspicious though, so I made
These words that were written so long ago They cease to shine. They cease to grow. They mock me now, day in and day out.  For tis nothing but a puppet show,   I wonder why we ignore the past
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