Fat Man and Little Boy

Fat Man and Little Boy

The fear of the world’s end bellows

In impending furnace of radioactive fire

Since the atrocity of 1945

Two spirits of death carried out those horrific events

And remained in war as Fat Man and Little Boy


Nearly 72 exhausting years spent containing the flame

and these spirits have respawned

One’s in false belief he's the almighty

One's a psycho maniac willing to let hell ring

But by popular ambiguity befuddlement

Who's The Fat Man and The Little Boy


The man crafted his entire public persona

To be greedy and the definition of narcissism

His greed is thick like his waist

His bombastic speech nor short of knowledge is neither reassuring

He inherited his father's fortune

To only embrace his non-charitable nature

To attend to the people he leads


The man whines day to day

Shout, and trumps people down to get his way

The entire time he’s beaten and pushed around

By well-established individuals and benefactors

Yet he returns to the stage to present his toxic arms

Yet the sane world sits back and laugh

As only this man is just a little boy trying to prove himself


These two monstrosities are stubborn to realize

That they are both the same in and out

Yet they persist to shout words of war

Unfortunately, these are the same words that could result in havoc

The world may one day be doomed again by

Fat Man and Little Boy


This poem is about: 
Our world


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